Warning: We have received multiple reports of people receiving emails from some people claiming to represent PodPal Games. We will never ask anyone to download a build from Google Drive or similar. We will always give access through Steam. Some of these emails looks quite legit so be careful. If in doubt send us an email on the email listed on the bottom of this page.

What is Age of Space?

Age of Space offers a unique experience combining real time resource management and tactical combat in 3D. Step into the shoes of an interplanetary mercenary balancing on a knife-edge between the established might of the United Earth Alliance and the rag-tag band of Martian rebels. Grow your power as you fight for either side in the battle for control of the solar system.


Put yourself and your crew to the test in instance-based combat scenarios. Design your fleet, execute your strategy and profit. Manoeuver your spaceship in 3 dimensions from a 3rd person perspective. The rest of your fleet will either be controlled by AI, your friends or a combination of both.

Mining & Industry

Build and expand upon your mining outpost as you gather resources in real time. Unlock new and unknown technologies salvaged from the wreckage of your enemies. Customize and build massive warships from your shipyard. Nudge the balance of war by accepting missions from your star map, fight pirates for fame and riches or become an outlaw yourself…

RPG Elements

Evolve your four captains into becoming commanders of massive capital ships. As they gain experience they will be able to pilot increasingly advanced spaceships ranging from tactical cruisers to motherships.

Ship Customization

All spaceships come in different sizes and fill different roles and purposes. All spaceships have unique bonuses that you should exploit in order to get the most out of your ship. A spaceship has a set of properties and three different sets of hardpoints where you can install modules and weapons.

Play Co-op

Play any contract (except a few solo missions) together with up to three friends. Rewards are split within the party.

We have our own Discord server where we hang out and share our work in progress. Feel free to join us if you want to follow our development more closely.
For business inquiries send us an email on: contact (at) podpalgames.com